• Journey’s beginning

    Journey’s beginning

    The sky is silver. It is the day before our journey begins, my first international trip in three and a half years. The bags are almost packed, the housework done. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the hotel near the airport to stay a night before our early departure. For so long through the pandemic I […]

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  • Fediverse version 2

    Fediverse version 2

    First one didn’t seem to go through. How about this one?

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  • Hello Fediverse!

    Hello Fediverse!

    New domain, new medium!

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  • New web host

    Due to my web host shutting down their operations I have had to move and to a new host. Whilst most of the content has been migrated I’m still moving things around and sorting out redirects. This WordPress theme also needs to be fixed. Please bear with me while I sort this out.

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  • This blog is moving

    I've decided to stop blogging here and move to a new blog allrite rites at I'll leave the content here, there's a lot of history on this site. I've decided to go with Blogger for now because: I don't have to spend much time maintaining and administering the site. I'm familiar with it, having […]

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  • Blogging on holiday

    I've written a detailed description of how I blog on holiday at my travel blog. I deals with limitations of various Zaurus models and how, sometimes, a full PC is what you want.

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