Best places to visit in China

What are your special places to visit in China? What difficulties have you run into while visiting the world’s third largest country? What were your special experiences?

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  1. allrite Avatar

    We are thinking about a short trip, one to two weeks in China in March or April. I don’t really like tours, but unfortunately neither my wife nor I speak Mandarin (she speaks Cantonese), so how easy is it to get by? I’d prefer to concentrate on somewhere other than Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Cantonese speaking areas).

    Some of the options I’ve seen include:

    * Spending own time in Shanghai or Beijing (Qantas flies to these) with day tours to areas of interest (eg Great Wall).
    * Quick tour across China – typically Beijing – Xian – Shanghai.
    * A small tour walking along the Great Wall (Peregrine tours).

    I like scenery, old temples and building, mountains and gardens. Shopping is not a priority. Health is a concern, including exposure to environmental toxins (pregnancy related).

    Any ideas or comments?

  2. phil B Avatar
    phil B

    dont worry,
    if u are in beijing, go to forgotten temple …walk inside..within moments (im asuming u dont look like locals) will get approached by people offering to guide you around…make friends with the guides.. you can get a great tour for about 100 rmb..probably less (approx 16 ozzi dollers i think.
    If you get the hotels etc to organize for u , u will pay much more..

    if u want a car (you will need to get to the wall) u pay extra, but these guides are well organized usually, and will sort it out.

    relatively clean, although always drink bottled water in asia if u are not used to it, …if u want email me, ill send u some details of a couple great guides. China= Amazing phil.