Best places to visit in Japan

What are your favourite places to visit in Japan? Know where to get the best bento boxes or bowls of ramen? Which shops sell the best looking computers and clothes? Had any special Japanese experiences that you want to share? Here’s the place to share them!

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One response to “Best places to visit in Japan”

  1. allrite Avatar
    • Don’t visit central Japan around the summer months – too tropical and sticky.
    • Shinjuku is amazing, especially at night. Always feel that there’s more to see and more to buy.
    • I prefer shopping for computers in Shinjuku than Akihabara. Yodobashi is always worth a visit, see Sofmap for second hand goods.
    • Try the soba at the very popular and smokey yakitori alleyway on the west side of the Shinjuku station.
    • Wander through Asakusa, try the rice crackers and check out the check out the frequently cheap, but beautiful, specials on pottery at Dengama.
    • Visit Harajuku on the weekend to watch the cos-play-zoki goth girls.
    • Take a train ride out of Tokyo to visit the temples of Nikko. Very beautiful.
    • Don’t judge Kyoto by the station area. Walk around the old town, visit the Geisha haunts of Pontocho, Kawaramachi and Gion area in the evening, take a stroll along the Path of Philosophy (Tetsugaku-no-michi) and spy the giant carp. See the temples and take advantage of your foreign passport to tour the Imperial Palace.
    • Himeji reputedly has the best real castle. We certainly enjoyed our visit there. Easy Shinkansen ride back to Tokyo.
    • The produce markets around the Tsukuji fish market are well worth a wander.
    • Try the giant apples and other fruit!