My Australia Day

Woke up. Reminded my Malaysian born wife that it was Australia Day and not Austria Day when she wore a t-shirt from Salzburg. Drove up to the North to inspect puppies that were the result of crossing English and Japanese breeds. Lunch at Sydney’s second Chinatown, Chatswood – yum cha.

Came home, watched some Australian Open tennis – a Belgian versus a Russian. Caught a bit of the Australia v. Sri Lanka cricket match before switching on the Team America: World Police DVD.

Ate Indonesian noodles for dinner, finishing off with some real Aussie mangoes. Slumped down on the beanbag to watch Inspector Rex – an Austrian police dog.

Saw some fireworks – in the distance out of our window.

I live in the Shire, the Sutherland Shire. You know, that place where all the yobbos went around waving their flags and bashing up anybody they suspected of being “ethnic”. I’m 4th generation Australian on my Mum’s side, but I don’t drink, eat vegemite on toast, beetroot in my hamburgers or tomato sauce on my meat pies. But I do like my lamb!

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