Author: allrite

  • The Tadami Line

    The recently fully reopenedTadami Line is one of Japan’s most scenic railway journeys.

  • Tokyo is on a different planet

    The incredible teamLab Planet exhibition takes us to another dimension.

  • Bullet Train

    A ride on the Shinkansen to Tokyo and collectables at Nakano Broadway.

  • Sea of white

    The flight from Cairns to Osaka is through a sea of cloud.

  • Too early to Cairns

    It’s a very early morning wake-up as we take the first flight from Sydney to Cairns.

  • Craning out the window

    It swings and stretches, lifting concrete blocks that would crush a man with ease. From out the window a crane appears, disappears as it works helping build another track on the railway line to the port. But my gaze stretches beyond that, to the pinpoints of light in the distance. Aircraft making their descent into […]