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I have been neglecting this blog of late, spending far more time updating my travelling allrite blog instead. So I'm about 2 months late in welcoming Terry Dowling to this blog. My excuse is that I only checked the user list tonight!

I have mentioned Terry before on this blog. He is my favourite author, a writer of such vivid imagery that you would swear that you are living in the pages of his books.

Funnily enough, yesterday I was composing a letter to Mr Dowling in my head, commenting on the ending to Rynemonn: Leopard Dreaming, the final book in his Tom Tyson sequence. I shan't spoil it for those who have not read it, but it is a powerful ending, a good ending, yet possibly unsatisfying for those who like "and they lived happily ever after." After so many years and so many mysteries perhaps it would have been wrong to tie everything up too neatly, to leave nothing unsaid and unexplained. And of course there is sadness at the end of such a long adventure.

So thanks Terry for registering with this site! If only my writing here was worthy! 


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  1. Terry Dowling Avatar
    Terry Dowling

    Andrew, thanks for the very kind welcome. I really appreciate your good words regarding my work – and particularly loved your description of the connections between Botany Bay and Twilight Beach. That’s how it works for me too, always, places echoing places. I’m so glad the ending of Rynemonn works for you too. I realise some readers aren’t certain about what happens, but all the facts are there, and a very clear indication once you’ve read “Ship’s Eye”. Keep up the great work! Terry