Broken week

Last week was rather messed up. I was sick on Tuesday, then that evening B went and broke a bone in her foot chasing Kita on the stairs, so she had a couple of days off. Now she has to walk around with a big supporting boot on her left foot. Meanwhile, I was supposed to go to Canberra for a night and a day to talk shop with the corporate web group. I had booked a hotel room and train ride home. Then the boss decided to change it to a single day trip next week. That was good for B's sake, but now I have a flight down and back to Canberra when I would have preferred a more environmentally sensitive railway ride.

I'm finding it difficult to overcome my loathing of the corporate website. The navigation doesn't work for me and there is too much small content all over the page. Elements such as fast fact and pullouts just confuse things further. And the interface for entering content is horrible. Just for sanity's sake I would rather concentrate on our divisional page, which uses my own content management system. It's long overdue for a total overhaul.

Speaking of the division I work for, we didn't meet our budget targets, management is trying to spin failures as positives and some good people have left. Morale is understandably low. I hope this proud organisation improves soon.

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