Vote 1 Talkback Radio

Feeling unwell, I stayed home from work today. After visiting the doctor at my local shopping centre I found the food hall invaded by cameramen and people wearing Liberal Party t-shirts. The leader of the NSW Liberal Party (who are actually a conservative party, despite their name), John Brogden, had come for a visit as part of his election campaign.

I wandered home, only to discover a pamphlet from the Libs sitting in my letterbox. The first 5 things [John Brogden will] do if elected. Tougher sentencing, more discipline in schools, blah, blah blah. Talkback radio crap, no innovative policies, nothing that will really work.

I am sick of all this talkback ultra-conservative crap that is coming out of politicians today and I felt that it was my duty to try to make myself heard. So I walked back up to the shopping centre and sat down to talk with Mr Brogden. I have to say that I was disappointed. He just regurgitated out the same old lines that “Bob Carr hasn’t done this or isn’t promising that…” That’s not important! The important thing is, why are his policies any good? Opposition parties spend so much time being negative about everything that you would think that they haven’t got any good ideas of their own.

I want to live in the clever state/country/world. Not the reactionary land.

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