The storm breaks

It was as if the dust storms of the Persian Gulf had crossed the seas and struck Sydney. The still brown air was strangely appropriate for the day the first shots were fired in the latest war of the desert.

I’m not opposed to getting rid of Saddam Hussein and any chemical or biological weapons he possesses. I just feel that they way it is being done, US and its white sherrifs vs the World, is wrong and sets a dangerous precedent. How now to stop China, Russia or anyone else for that matter taking issues into their own hands whenever they feel the need? I wish I could be confident that post-war Iraq would be a better place. I hope it will be.

John Howard was on TV tonight justifying our direct participation in the war by saying that we need to stick by the US. Everybody else but Australia and the Poms are only giving them logistical support. Let’s not forget, that’s all the US gave us when our soldiers were in East Timor. I bet we don’t get any really wonderful trade concesions either after this. The US farm/steel/etc lobby is still more important to the US government than we are. But in this world, you’re either 100% behind Bush or a member of the Axis of Evil. As long as they pin a Deputy Sherrif’s star on John Howard’s breast he’ll be happy. Anything, but make him have to work with all the “coloured people” in Asia and the Pacific.

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