Little disasters

I’m sitting here more than half asleep, listing to the soundtrack to 1492 in a strange semi-concious state. Didn’t sleep last night because I was working on my project. I am so sick of it. There are so many little things still left to do that I wonder if I will ever finish it. Needed to have the system looking good for a meeting with my supervisor today, though I thought we would have to call it off when the electricity went off around lunchtime. Lucky I press Ctrl-S very often.

Today it was the electricity. Yesterday it was my video card playing up in the PC. Fortunately, I had hung on to an older card and was able to swap that one in. Nvidia’s unified driver architecture meant that I didn’t need to touch any settings on XFree86 when I downgraded from the Geforce2 MX to the TNT2. Feel like getting a new computer soon as I am starting to feel the current machine’s age.

That was another waste of time. As was my adsl connection dropping out on Saturday. Arrgggh!

It was all bad news. B and I watched the musical Mamma Mia at the Lyric Theatre. Despite the fact that I have no great love for Abba music, it was loads of fun. The sets were fantastic and the cast appeared to be having a great time. I certainly enjoyed it.

Back to work now. No more time wasting.

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