Viva La France!

With our first wedding anniversary approaching fast I have a tremendous longing to return to Paris, the location of our honeymoon. This longing is exacerbated further by my finally writing up a travelogue of that fantastic week in celebration of one year of marriage. There are so many fantastic memories that I wonder if they will ever be surpassed. Stay tuned for the wedding web page update after a year of no changes to that section.

There’s definitely a theme emerging on this site. I keep writing about longings for other locations. I think I am overdue for a holiday. New Zealand is the next place we plan to go, somewhere fairly cheap and safe.

Have to plan the itinerary for that trip. I’ve read through a road trip guide to New Zealand, seems wonderful, but haven’t had the time to proceed further. Submitted my tax electronically today, with only days to spare, as usual. Didn’t get time to do anything on my research project. I know what I want to do, just need a chance to sit down at the computer and program. This damned overseas travel application form project for work is sucking up all my time. I design a system for the other staff to go overseas, while I don’t get the opportunity to do so myself.

I don’t think I want to be a database analyst. These entity relationship model, functional hierarchies, blah, blah, blah are no fun. I would much rather be programming. The deadline is approaching for the design documentation and I am still going through the learning program. The lack of any proper supervision or tutoring means that I can’t be confident I am getting it right either. I just hope the end system won’t have as many bugs as the first one.

Time to go down and do some ironing. Yes, I do the ironing. Ocassionally, until Beatrice can no longer stand my lack of skill. Hope Pleasantville is a reasonable movie to iron to. Otherwise, *yawn*.

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