I feel sick

I woke up this morning with a slight headache. I thought it was just an effect of waking up too early. I have felt a stronger urge to sleep than is normal all this week. Turns out that I’m sick – I can feel my brain switching off and that giddy feeling that means I have caught some sort of bug. Just the kind of thing you don’t want if you are trying to do the mind numbingly boring task of modelling data and processes. I’ve only got about a week left to finish this!

The sky turned a murky brown this morning. Although I could smell some smoke, I’m not sure if the sky colour was due to bushfires or the giant dust storm mentioned in the news. The dust was supposed to reach the coast “some time in the afternoon”. It’s clear now and it’s the afternoon.

I’m still waiting for my hosting provider to investigate the problems with PHP image manipulation functions. So far as I can establish, it’s probably something gone wrong with the graphics libaries or their inclusion in PHP. Nothing I can do about it, so those Star Wars exhibition photos will just have to wait. Hope it’s fixed soon, because I want to put some honeymoon photos up in celebration of our upcoming first wedding anniversary.

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