The Rhine, Mosel, Trier and Frankfurt

Caught the train from Frankfurt to Trier, a route which took s along the Rhine Valley, then from Koblenz along the Moselle Valley. Incredibly beatiful, will old towns lining the banks and castles, some just ruins, overlooking the vallez below. At one point into or tripp two Tornado jets raced at low level above the Rhine.

The Roman ruins at Trier were impressive with very interesting brickwork. The photos, when posted, will show what I mean. The intricate three dimensional carvings in the Trier Dom (cathedral) were amazing, thouugh B was a bit put-off by some of the grotesque content.

Ate wurst and ribs for dinner in central Frankfurt. Stalls server alcohols and food were setup along the street, which was crowded with people dressed up for a good time. Great atmosphere!

Off to Wurzberg and Rothenburg today.

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