Seoul – Frankfurt

Using the free internet terminal at the Bristol Hotel. My body is certain that it should be fast asleep.

Had to run to catch the KLM flight from Seoul to Amsterdam – we had confused the gate. The KLM flight was cool and comfortable, except for the passenger in front of me whoo pushed his seat all the way back. The was not much legroom. No personal screens either and since when did day flights start requesting that passengers shut the window shades? Such a mmagnificent view outside as we flew over China, Mongolia and Russia, especially the contrail from a fellow flight. A railway track in the sky.

Schipol’s shopping was much quirkier than Incheon’s bland duty free brands. They managed not to include one of our bags on the flight.

Made it to this funky hotel okay. Unfortunately, wireless acccess is onlly through T-mobile ie costs money. Caan’t post the photos on this terminal, havve to wait for dialup.

Need to sleep now!

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