Sunday is not for programming

It's Sunday and I don't feel like writing PHP code. Right now I'm bored of writing code that does the same old thing everytime. Check user credentials, query database, insert record, update record, delete record, list records, output stuff. I'm sure there are frameworks that make it even easier, but I don't have the time to investigate further – what I write works and can be customised without much thought. Most days I enjoy writing code, but it's difficult to write when you aren't in "the zone" and I am not in the zone.

Why am I even thinking about writing code on a Sunday? Very senior people in the organisation demanded an application to enter staff CV's for a science review. No problem, said I. I had already written the same application for a sister division. But wait, they said, we want workflow, multiple user levels, etc, etc. By the end of the week, the two weeks you are asking for is too long.

Last week went by with a myriad of interruptions – everybody else has a priority one request and the distractions mean thinking through a moderately complex program is virtually impossible. I really don't want to disappoint the senior dudes, so I'm left trying to fit in programming in between house cleaning and hanging around with my wife. Not good!

I want to be out with my wife and some work colleagues admiring Sculpture by the Sea. It's humid, not thinking weather, and the high cloud makes me dream of flying. So I would like to be booking our China trip, or at least dreaming about it. Just do NOT want to be programming today!

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