Melbourne Cup Madness

It's not all work at work. This afternoon the race that stopped the nation stopped Marsfield as well, as we sat down for a catered lunch of chicken and ham and watched the horse race on TV's setup around the canteen. The theme was blue and white, but our table decided instead on a Monty Python theme. We had a rabbit, couple of dead parrots, two Brians, a night in armour hired from the ABC and me with a goldfish hat made of stapled orange cardboard.

It was all a lot of fun and I doubt if any work was done in the afternoon. A wonderful chance to let our hair down and chat with colleagues. Felt a lot like a Christmas party prior to the site shutdown. Pity it wasn't that because tomorrow it's back to programming to short deadlines.

We took Kita to his first puppy preschool tonight. He coped with strange humans okay, but was nervous about the only other dog, a Jack Russell pup. He kept hiding behind our legs like the shy child he is. This weekend he is off to meet a couple of adult dogs.

In the mood to do maths and music tonight. 

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