Image galleries and document management

I really like Gallery2, PHP/MySQL web-based image gallery software, especially the ease by which you can upload photos from your desktop PC. Unfortunately, this web host only supports a shared installation of version 1. I tried installing it on the Windows IIS server last week, but only got a blank screen for my efforts. As I didn't have enough time to debug the problem, I installed it instead on an Apache server under Solaris without difficulty. Modifying the default theme to fit in with the intranet was easy. The only downside is the lack of LDAP/Active Directory Support without using the "Embedded" version, which I didn't have time to play with. In the end it's not a huge problem.

Now I have an easy way to share image albums on our work intranet. Feedback has been great so far.

Another task I had to complete quickly last week was the supply of a web-based document management system at work. The software download tool I have written could have been modified for the task, but I had neither the time nor the desire to play with the code. Microsoft SharePoint would also have been good, but is only available internally. I tried installing the Knowledge Tree Document Management System on the Windows IIS server, but this produced errors. Again I didn't have time to debug the errors. The frustrating thing was that someone else had the same errors, but then answered their forum post with something like "I fixed it" without providing details of a solution. Grrr!

This time there was no option of placing the document share on a different server, so I tried OpenDocMan , another PHP/MySQL system. The web pages generated by OpenDocMan look very dated and the last release was over a year ago. However, it was easy to install, simple to use and with a few tweaks in the page header code and a global search and replace for the <font> tag I was able to use my own stylesheet. I don't care if it doesn't share the same look and feel as the rest of the website, it gets the job done.

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