Saturday night in a painted room

Saturday is not quite over and already I feel like I need an extra day in the weekend. B and I “finished” (there’s always more touch-ups) painting the study and guest rooms. I think we have now exceeded the 13 colours in her Mum’s house.

The study has a natural green on three walls with the other wall bright blue. The guest room has blushing peach walls, except for one which is a pale blue grey colour.

We also took delivery of a sofa/bed from Ikea for the study. It’ll give B somewhere to lie down and read a book while I’m on the computer. Useful as a thinking couch as well. It’s size makes the room appear smaller and now B wants me to move the electronic keyboard out. I argue that it’s hooked up to the computer and I like it’s outlook – I can gaze out the window while I play (badly).

More housework tomorrow – the lawn needs mowing, the house vacuuming. I feel like having a day off, but then I really should be doing some research. Better get some sleep – 7 minutes from now and it’s Sunday!

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