Weekend’s end

Sunday night and it might as well be Monday. Busy home improvement/work from home weekend. Bought shelving and home decorations from Ikea along with a big red beanbag from Freedom on Saturday. Stared longingly at the widescreen TV’s and the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA. It would be so much more convenient to carry and work with on the train than the laptop. Would also let me run between the station and my workplace. I want one!

Bought paints for my study today, but thought I’d leave the painting until later in the week as I needed to spend Sunday programming for work. I have decided to adapt the backend I use for this website to a website at work. It really needs a Content Management System, Zope would be ideal, but I probably couldn’t get it installed in time (Wednesday) to be of any use. It would also help if we ran MySQL at work as my own program, along with most other freely available CMS’s are designed to use it. In the end it’s probably faster for me to adapt my own code for Oracle than try anything else.

Despite my good intentions, I ended up helping B with painting the “guest room”. It’s pale orange – I want to paint a blue feature wall to cool it down. Lucky B’s got a rostered day off tomorrow. I think I’ll ask for one this week to make up for this Sunday. Have to paint the study before the sofa bed arrives.

Wonder when I’ll get any time for research…

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