Osaka with Jetstar – Attempt 2

Jetstar had another sale on, so I was able to rebook our Osaka flights with less of a penalty than normal. Still isn't as great as the original deal though. What was a surprise was the enjoyable experience of calling Jetstar. The young bloke on the other end of the phone line may have had an Australian accent, but his family was in Osaka. While changing the booking we had a fun chat about the hazards of shopping in Japan – excess baggage!

I didn't realise it during the booking, but we are now scheduled to be away during the APEC "long weekend" which means one less day of leave expended. Cool! I could do with a holiday right now, but there is plenty to do.

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4 responses to “Osaka with Jetstar – Attempt 2”

  1. clive Avatar

    Hi, Not sure if you have flown to osaka yet.

    If so, I was just wondering how you found the experience with Jetstar (especially with legroom and things like that).

    We flew to Osaka with JAL/Qantas a couple of years ago and were concerned that if we did it again via Jetstar, it would be a cattlecar.

  2. allrite Avatar

    Hi Clive,

    Jetstar's seat pitch is the same as Qantas economy and I didn't find it any worse. Apart from feeling a tad stuffy on the flight up (happened to me before three 5 star airlines), plus a headache probably caused by sunglare (my fault) I really enjoyed the flights and have booked to fly Jetstar again in February to Kuala Lumpur.

    I've written reports on the flights at:

    Hope that's of some help.

  3. Clive Avatar

    Great! Thanks for the update .. and the pics. We are soo homesick to go back and visit Japan again.. your pics brought the memories flooding back.

    When you go back to Osaka, make sure you visit the Kaiyukan aquarium. It’s huge.

  4. allrite Avatar

    Hi Clive,

    We visited the aquarium the first time round (pics ). 🙂 I also miss Japan. 5 visits in 5 years (twice this year!) is not enough. I want more!