Of cake, garlic prawns and planespotting

Another year passes with a lovely meal of Florette's knockout garlic prawns, rack of lamb and then home to a heavenly chocolate-orange mousse cake. Thanks to my gorgeous B for organising it.

I had considered taking the day off and spending the morning watching the planes take-off from Sydney International Airport, just because I like to dream. No, I'm not a true planespotter. I couldn't give a damn what the registration is. It's just that a plane is full of stories and adventures.

I decided instead that I would rather be taking a walk around the Cook River with B and Kita. Maybe tomorrow.

Despite my advice my sister's boyfriend decided to on a double overnight flight from Amsterdam to Australia via Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia Airlines with a 16 hour layover. The funny thing is he didn't seem to know where Seoul and Narita were, thinking they were "somewhere in Iraq". Well, Malaysia was the only predominantly Muslim country on my list of transit stops!

I really don't get geographic ignorance! 

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