Walking at Kyeemagh

Jetstar A330-200 behind a Banksia bush One of the nicer aspects of many parts of Sydney is that there are places where you go for a walk and not feel like you are still in a metropolis of over four million people. Yesterday B, Kita and I took a walk around the entrance of the Cook River, just south of Sydney Airport.

Soon after crossing under the bridge we were surprised to see a large market garden manually farmed by workers in bamboo hats. It was a scene straight out of Asia. The trail took us past boats mored in narrow inlets, sports fields where kids played soccer and hockey, and wetlands flooded by the recent rains. Kita tried his paws at the children's playground slides and practiced ambushing us from the long grass.

In the background was the airport. With the East-West runway in use yesterday we would periodically hear the roar of an aircraft rising impossibly close overhead. One day I would like to do the entire walk, starting from Dolls Point at the mouth of the Georges River, all the way up to the airport.

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