Late nights of cricket and programming

it was strange watching the sunset over the England-Australia one-day cricket match on TV, and the sunrise out the window. I always associate cricket with summer, which it is in England, where the matches are being played. Yet, winter has suddenly hit Sydney with a vengeance. It confuses me!

At least the cricket provided background entertainment while I continued my all-night struggle to write a content management system from scratch for the ICT Centre by July 1. I spent yesterday working from home in the hope of being able to concentrate, but as usual, was bombarded by a constant stream of highest priority minor tasks. The only time I can focus on actual programming is the night, when everyone else has gone to bed. Hence over the past fortnight I’ve gone without much sleep. And I also need to finish setting up the new Drupal based intranet by July 1 as well!

More details on these projects later.

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