John Williams concert coming!

My otherwise wonderful wife has been hiding from me the fact that there’s to be an orchestral performance of John Williams’ music in Sydney – on her birthday.

She did tell me, but couched in such a hypothetical way that I though she was joking. I just so happened to look out the train window and catch a glimpse of the advertising poster at Wynyard Station.

I know it’s a bit selfish to demand we both go on her birthday, but there are so few other opportunities to listen to his music performed live. His music is such an important part of my life. I was sitting half dead with fatigue at work today, when I switched on a recording of the Return of the Jedi soundtrack and was immediately reenergised.

Oh well, she does enjoy hearing exciting orchestral music performances and I’m certain her birthday will be better than mine. I’ll be busy panicking over the July 1 work deadline, lacking a lot of sleep. Can’t wait for that to be over and to sit hand in hand with B letting the music flow through us.

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