A quick trip to Melbourne

I took advantage of cheap airfares to fly down to Melbourne for the day to watch Revenge of the Sith. Why? Simply put, I like to associate Star Wars with Melbourne. It was the last chance to relive a piece of my childhood. I’ll write more about this later.

Sunrise at Sydney AirportI flew on a domestic pass from Sydney’s International terminal on a Qantas 747 destined for Europe. Fairly unremarkable flight, although I was reminded about how turbulence is worse on the rearwards seats.

Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport was very clean and vibrantly decorated with posters celebrating Melbourne’s culture and life. After weeks of frustration about how there seems to be no drive to solve Sydney’s myriad problems, Melbourne was a breath of fresh air. Warm air – for it was 20 degrees during a Melbourne winter! New buildings with interesting architecture were springing up everywhere and the streets were full of sculptures. There seemed to be a real pride in the city that was refreshing after Sydney’s insularity.

Melbourne from the Westgate BridgeI really must move back to Melbourne. I so wished that B was with me so that we could dine out in a laneway cafe or relax in a park together.

The only real downside was having to leave early to catch the Jetstar flight back from Avalon. The coach leaves the city two and a half hours before the flight and Avalon is pretty boring. At least the flight home was comfortable.

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