It's been quite cool here in Sydney these past couple of days. Many would say cold, but that would be disrespectful to those who live in genuinely cold climates. However, as one dutchman said, we mights as well live under umbrellas for all the insulation in your average Australian home.

A steaming hot Japanese bath would be fantastic tonight. Baths are one of those guilty pleasures largely given up due to the drought and replaced with quick showers. In Japan baths form a very important part of life. During our stay in Takayama I would return from a cold night exploring the town and relax in a hot bath spiced with the hotel supplied mineral salts.

Kanazawa was even better. On the first night we were chilled and wet from walking around the Kenroku-en cherry blossoms in the rain. When we returned to the ryokan a steaming hot Japanese bath awaited us. Firstly you wash your body clean using a shower hose while sitting on a plastic stool. Then you slowly sink into the clear and very hot waters of a big bath continuously heated. Totally relaxing, it is impossible to remain stressed.

Even better would be to have such a bath with a private outlook on to a traditional Japanese garden with the sound of gently flowing water in the background. What could be more soothing?

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    And now it’s raining outside after earlier thunder. This too is calming.