Scones by the beach

Despite the wet and windy weather outside there was something very pleasant about today's lunch at the Promenade Patisserie at Ramsgate. The chicken and leek pies were full of flavour, the scones with jam and cream palate cleansing and the hot chocolate warmed the belly. Out the window we could see the grey waters of Botany Bay and the parasailers speeding across the waves. It was a relaxing way to take a meal, unlike the frenzied shopping centre food courts where we spend our lunches during weekdays.

Yesterday I was transported back to Japan, trying a bento box from Asakaze in the Macquarie Centre. The staff there spoke Japanese, which surprised me. I thought it was Korean run. Then I bought a bowl from Japan City in the evening and B and I dined on the most delicious of ramen noodles at Ichiban Boshi. Today I purchased wood to build my Japanese model railways, bought a toy and bed for our half Japanese spitz dog. 

Even if my Japan travel plans in November have been disrupted I can still pretend! 

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