Category: Travel

  • Cairns to Sydney

    A hot and sticky day in Cairns is followed by a flight back to Sydney.

  • Kyoto to Cairns

    Our return flight back to Sydney from Osaka suffers an interruption in Cairns.

  • Red, black and gold

    Kinkaku-ji’s golden pagoda, the tunnels of red torii at Fushimi-Inari Taisha and the Gion district.

  • Lost and unfound

    Travelling from Matsue to Kyoto via Okayama in a landscape changed by snow. We lose something along the way.

  • Circling the lake

    A day catching trains around Shimane and trudging through the snow.

  • Castle in the snow

    with trains and buses cancelled we walk around Matsue in the snow and explore the castle.