Winds of change

Tulips at FloriadeA change has struck and the wind is gusting outside. It is still warm outside, despite the late hour.

So far the Labour Day long weekend has been very warm, at least in Sydney. Yesterday we visited Floriade in Canberra and the thermometer did not even reach 13 degrees Celcius, but here it has been in the high 20's.

After eating burgers at Woronora we took Kita for a swim at a beach in Kurnell, a small township at the south end of Botany Bay. It's a whole different world down there. Despite the big oil refinery it feels like a sleepy little beachside retreat. I love it there. Not only do you get a great view of the shimmering flat waters of Botany Bay in front of the Sydney cityscape, but you can also watch the planes fly down low on descent to Sydney Airport. Looking out across the bay evokes strong feelings in me, but I'm not certain what they are. I once dreamed about a different Kurnell.

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