Fushimi-Inari ShrineSo much has happened since my last post! The holiday in Japan was a real holiday. Read more about it in the blog or view the photos. I returned to find that I am to be looking after one division fulltime instead of two and that I will have to move back to Marsfield at the start of next month. It wasn't unexpected, is logical, but not entirely welcome.

I have purchased a couple of new domains, and

A member of NANTA in action.Today we enjoyed some foreign cultures in a setting closer to home when we visited Darling Harbour. There was a big and noisy Brazilian festival along with a smaller Korean Chuseok festival. The latter featured a fantastic and humourous performance by NANTA which featured all sorts of kitchen implements. We enjoyed both Brazilian and Korean snacks from the stalls. On the way out we stopped to admire a Chinese lion dance performance. It's great having all these cultures in Australia.

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