Wet weekends and rich text fields

It is such a long time since Sydney received decent rains that the past few days of windy and wet weather have been quite exciting. A good excuse to stay at home on the weekend, especially as the Miranda Westfield shopping centre's carpark filled early (forced to purchase more expensive fruit and veg from the local grocer – anything but Woolies!).

Celebrated a family friend's birthday on Saturday with a dinner at Caruso's in Gymea. My gnocchi with pancetta was very good, though the quality of other dishes varied. Service was excellent.

Woke up early today to jot down some ideas for the TincaCMS, then spent about three hours this afternoon trying to get the "Linker" file management plugin of the Xinha WYSIWYG embedded HTML editing tool to work. I can't get it to scan any parent directories, maybe due to some Windows file path issues. Not certain yet. I also want to try FCKEditor, the file manager looks better, but integrating it seems to be a little bit more work than the single line of HTML/JavaScript that Xinha requires. I already had Xinha running on my older versions of TincaCMS, but without Linker running. I might attempt to use FCKEditor with my ideas for simplifying page editing under Tinca.

I need the file manager plugins as users frequently want to link directly to large files on the intranet. A file upload system isn't much good for files over a few megs in size, so it's easier just to use networked file systems and lets users save to the area, then link to the file directly.

I really shouldn't be working over weekends, but, as I've said before, it's so much easier to work from home where interruptions are minimised.

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