Intranets and asian food

Thursday last week finally saw the release of our new intranet, the source of much stress over the last month or so. In the end my tincaCMS Content Management System featured more fully than my senior supervisor wanted or knows. I added modules to automatically fix the links of content migrated from Drupal along with a search and replace function. Even the "static" pages now include PHP functions that generate integrated navigation menus from tincaCMS. I'm proud of the system and hope that it will get a good reception from the end users. However, I'm already thinking of improvements, especially for adding new content.

I stayed late at work on Thursday and ended up meeting B even later after she had a Japanese style haircut at Kippo in Chinatown. We waited about half and hour at the cheap, but very popular, Japanese restaurant, but after being told that we could end up waiting another half an hour moved on elsewhere. Unfortunately, we selected a Korean restaurant. They laid out a number of small dishes, including kimchi, tofu, potato salad, mung bean sprouts, cabbage and more, each with a marinade. Mains were bimbimbap and potato pancake.

I'm sorry to say that out of all the countries that I have visited the worst cuisine that I have had is Korean. The flavours just don't agree with either of us. It's a pity, because I really enjoyed our all to brief visit to Seoul. I'm sure there are some really nice dishes somewhere (sizzling beef?), but they certainly wouldn't involve kimchi.

The last couple of days have been about recovering from the intranet release. The Spanish have the right idea about siestas. Fell asleep this afternoon after staying up late to "watch" the Australia versus India cricket match in Kuala Lumpur on the web . All I could see was the score and some typed commentary, but it was still exciting.

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