The Zaurus is back online

The Zaurus is back! I received my Ambicom compact flash WiFi card today and it works a treat. Hopefully it lasts longer than the Netgear MA701 cards which had a nasty habit of cracking. I’ve gone through 3 so far. It’s fortunate that they have a 3 year warranty, but I don’t think that the Netgear make CF WiFi cards anymore.

The reason I really need the Zaurus online again is that my Sharp Muramasa ultraportable notebook is suffering random lockups right now. I’ve run virus and spyware scans without findding any major issues. Maybe it’s a drive or dodgy ram. The problem is that the recovery screens and manuals are all in Japanese! I might also need an external CD drive as well.

I’ll wait until I’m feeliqng well before I try anything. For now it’s back to my quirky Zaurus.

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2 responses to “The Zaurus is back online”

  1. kai Avatar

    Hi! Great to hear there is hope getting a Zaurus online these days.
    I recently bought a Zaurus SL-C3200 (Japanese Version) and ran through Shinjuku searching shops that sell any CF-wifi cards that will work on the Zaurus. Are you running the Japanese OS / do you have any idea if the Ambicom card will work on a Japanese Zaurus?
    Would greatly appreciate a reply,
    Best regards

  2. allrite Avatar

    Hi Kai,


    I am running the Japanese OS and the Ambicom works really well, even better than the Netgears that preceeded it. Nothing to setting it up – it's all plug'n'play.

    I had no luck finding any CF WiFi cards in Osaka recently. I gather that the Zaurus isn't manufactured anymore. Previously the Buffalo cards were quite common in Japan but the organisation that I work for recently got a court order preventing Buffalo from selling any 802.11b equipment due to non-payment of licensing fees. Not certain if that's the cause though as I still saw other WiFi stuff of theirs in the shops. 🙂