The Red Cordial Disaster

What a day! Woke up, realised the alarm hadn’t rung and it was already 7am. In my haste to get ready I dropped a bottle of red cordial, which shattered, leaking red across the entire kitchen floor. I had a bad sleep the night before and felt groggy with a cold and well, one of us had to clean up the mess.

I wonder which is more toxic, red cordial or bleach? Got a big dose of both, scrubbing that floor. Amazingly it all came up white in the end. Maybe someone wants me for one of those dreadfully boring “chat” style commercials.

Floor cleaned, I ripped the guts out of an old computer case and put it into another one with, I hope, a better power supply. I hope to turn this into a dedicated firewall. Need to get my home network running properly again.

So much for a sick day, the rest of it was spent writing more web pages for work. I seem to be more productive working from home than the office. I don’t get that many interruptions in my office, so I’m inclined to look for other reasons. Perhaps just being in a comfortable environment with music played out loud rather than through earphones. I really like the room I picked as my study. It’s bright, with a nice big window and decent view. Now all I need to do is build some desks so I can move off the floor.

Had to iron and cook dinner before B returned from work. Feel like a house husband. Wouldn’t mind some time to relax. Hell, we don’t even have kids yet! Hope tomorrow goes more smoothly.

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