Sleepless Nights

It’s a very interesting feeling to stay up all night working. I only had an hour’s sleep last night, between 5:15am and 6:15am. I was busy writing web code for work (on a Sunday night?!?). Was still pretty alert today, although I could feel microsleeps coming on. I seem to do some of best work during the wee hours, completing countless school and university projects the night before they were due.

My favourite late night rush was first year mathematics. On the Thursday night I would scatter the assignment papers on my bed, switch my music up, and work until early morning. I would try to sleep between 1 and 3 am if I could. Sometimes I would watch Star Trek: TNG after 10:30, more often I would record it.

I didn’t always get everything finished – last minute assignments are not a great strategy, But I would usually have this placid feeling of well being for the remainder of the Friday. Once lectures were out in the morning (or later, physics labs in the afternoon) I would wander into nearby Canberra Civic and borrow books from the library or CD’s from the CD library.

Late night shopping on Fridays always made much more sense to me. I’d catch the bus back to Belconnen Mall, visit the library there, then buy a 6 litre tub of Coles vanilla ice cream, some easy-to-cook food for dinner and head home. I’d eat the freshly melted ice cream out of the tub, sitting on a beanbag watching the last-night’s videotape of Star Trek.

The late nights probably contributed a bit to the Friday night depression. Always felt lonely on Fridays. The music from my newly borrowed CD’s would get me in a very melancholy mood. It was good, and bad in a way.

It’s different these days. Don’t have to feel lonely on Fridays anymore. Got my Blink to keep me company now. Yet I sometimes miss the Fridays of old.

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