The Christmas quiet

The guests have gone home, the dishes are done. Outside, the only sound is of a jet aircraft high above and the evening squawks of cockatoos. The streets and houses are silent. Gone is the constant background hum of traffic. I love it. Sydney is so rarely quiet. This silence is the best gift of all.

My present from B, Terry Dowling's Rynemonn comes close, though. Finally, after 17 years, Tom Rynosseros' journey comes to a close. My favourite books.

My youngest brother and wife, and B's brother and his wife joined us for a Christmas roast today. Chicken, ham, turkey, salad, many sweets and as yet uneaten desserts. After B's siblings left we sat around and watched Casino Royale. Finally, we cleaned it all up and now we can relax. It is a wonderful feeling.

Merry Christmas!

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