The Boeing 767 turns 25 years old

Boeing 767 at Sydney Airport According to this post on the Boeing 767 jet airliner has just celebrated it's 25 birthday. On our last international trip , to Japan, we flew on the 767 on all four legs, Sydney-Cairns-Osaka and Tokyo Narita-Cairns-Sydney. One of those flights was with the now reabsorbed Australian Airlines , who had, I think, the best colour scheme of all the 767's operators. I like it so much I have two Australian Airlines 767 models sitting above my desks at home and work.

When compared with planes like the Boeing 747 Jumbo and the Airbus A340 the 767 looks rather small for an international aircraft. Indeed, it is also used on Australian domestic routes by Qantas. However, the plane has grown on me, especially after the Japan flights. The Qantas planes feel like workhorses rather than vehicles for glamourous international travel. No modern in-seat video entertainment or super business class seats (not that I have ever sat in business class). Perhaps suited for the less glamourous destinations that it often flies to, like South-East Asia or steamy Cairns in Far North Queensland.  

How much longer the 767 will fly to Asia from Australia I don't know. I believe that Qantas will replace it with the Airbus A330 and Boeing 787 eventually.  Until that time comes I will continue to enjoy watching this workhorse of the skies fly low overhead my workplace as it returns from distant places. Happy birthday 767!

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