Long weekend

It's a long weekend, a chance to catch up on various household tasks and hopefully take some time to appreciate the home we live in. When work and commuting take up an entire day and time at home is spent doing regular chores, vegetating in front of a television or asleep the house can become be seen in a negative light. I like our house. It's bright, colourful and there are decent views from the top floor. I think it feels a bit like a resort, a place to relax in. 

Have to complete the chores in order to relax. This morning I chopped down some branches from a neighbour's tree that had fallen across our fence in last week's high winds. Then I concreted the base of the letterbox for the third time. Hopefully the box will stay upright this time, though today's winds are blowing it around a bit, despite the supports I placed around it. Then I painted primer across the repaired section of the rear wall of the garage. Have to paint the entire wall with whatever leftover paints we have later on this weekend.

Installing the tax software now. It will be good to get the tax returns out of the way for another year. I think it should automatically handle the capital gains and losses, which will make life a lot easier.

I am feeling a bit melancholy this weekend. It's the usual reason – I feel like travelling overseas. B does as well. She found the websites for the Japanese clothing brands Natural Beauty Basic and Body Proportion Dressing (love those Japanese titles) and was disappointed that she could not purchase them here. I don't know whether it's a good thing or not that shopping is not global. On one hand you might like to purchase certain goods no matter which country you are in, but in another way part of the fun of travel is to shop for items you can't get at home. It's the variations across countries which makes travel fun. Life would be bland if it were the same everywhere.

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