Queen Mary 2 and Chinese New Year

Queen Mary IIWe joined the huge crowd down at Garden Island this evening to see the huge Queen Mary 2 cruise liner. I've added the photos to the gallery. Didn't stay to see her smaller sister ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2 enter the harbour as we've seen it up close before.

I have also added photos of the Chinese New Year dinner (bit blurry, sorry) on Sunday. Note the black substance that looks a bit like hair (last photo). That's fat choy, a cyanobacteria from the Mongolian Steppes. The sole reason that it's eaten is because the name means prosperity, as in the traditional Chinese New Year greeting "gong hei fat choy". For that, over harvesting has contributed to major soil erosion and desertification.

The Chinese are very strange in that way. It's like the number 4. Because its name "shi" sounds like the word for death, they consider it unlucky. Just change the name then! I'm surprised they don't try for male heirs while doing it on a marker buoy. They sound the same (in Australian and UK english at least)…

Sorry for that dose of cultural insensitivity, but I believe that superstitions are dumb. Anyway, the meals was full of fungus and molluscs and they didn't leave enough chicken for me!

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