In my experience it is a commonly held belief that workers are more productive if they wear a suit and sit in an office rather than work from home. Well, it certainly ain’t true for me. I’m at home sick, yet I have been more productive than average.

At home, in shorts, no shoes, music through my speakers (rather than earphones). When I feel worn out I can lie in the bed for a little and recover my strength. Don’t feel like walking around, talking to other people, and I don’t have to. I’m at home! They can email me if they want.

What’s more, I didn’t waste 4 hours in travel. No, I started work today at 7am, which means I can spend more time relaxing later.

I wouldn’t want to do this every day. I like going into the office, talking to colleagues and sorting out problems face to face. However, if you want to get something complex done, it’s often easier to get into “The Zone” and concentrate at home.

Enough! Back to work!

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