Dreaming of Research

Feeling a little lost this evening. It may seem strange, but I wish I was doing a science assignment right now. I feel like I achieving something worthwhile when I am doing science or mathematics and completing an assignment exercise gives me a goal. Interesting to do, but small enough to finish in a short time.

Too bad I finished my uni studies 5 years ago now. It’s time to get into the game. At least I am working in an astronomy facility. I have even organised to do some astrophysical modelling with the director. Started searching for references to the Salpeter Equation online today, found out that I can use the CSIRO e-journal reference from home.

It’s not like I have no work to do. There are plenty of things I should be doing, my job notwithstanding (hey, it’s a Saturday !). Downloaded Zope again. I am thinking about moving the SEARFE Project website to Zope so that non-CSIRO people can contribute to the site without us giving out permissions on the site.

Still, it IS the weekend and I have so much to do at work next week that I don’t feel like scripting or writing HTML now. Maybe that’s why I want to escape to science.

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