My Year 2005

We only arrived back in Sydney this morning from a holiday in Victoria and it is already time to wave goodbye to 2005. It’s been a busy and exciting year, stressful, but ultimately rewarding.

Highpoints and Achievements

  • Trip to Singapore, London, France, Spain and Japan
  • Contract renewed for 2 years
  • Wrote a sophisticated content management system and implemented it at work in a month
  • Setup new intranet at work
  • Trip to Victoria
  • My cooking
  • My beautiful wife


  • My Nanna’s passing away just after Christmas
  • Still a term appointment
  • Last European or overseas holiday for a long time (got to save for kids – future highpoint I hope – etc)
  • Liberal government takes control of the senate and passes more stupid, short-sighted and selfish laws

Happy New Year!

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