My 2006 – a year in blog

New Year's Eve 2006. Time to reflect on the year past.

In January I celebrated Australia Day with a recipe for lambingtons. February was hot and sticky. During March I added an image gallery and wiki to this site and laid into the lack of scientific rigour on the Amazing Race. Like the Amazing Race contestants, we also wanted to travel overseas again and at the start of April we made the decision to visit Japan for a third time. Our two weeks in Japan was definitely the highlight of the year, especially the beautiful cherry blossoms.

We were sad to return to Australia and work, although the lack of interruptions during CeBIT were nice for one week in May. I also temporarily moved to an office with a lovely view of autumn trees. Unfortunately I could not escape from the irrational demands placed upon me at work when I was asked to rebuild the intranet with a Microsoft FrontPage compatible design.

June marked the middle of the year with a lack of significant posts, though I did see my last view of an Australian Airlines plane and purchase a Motorola V3x 3G mobile phone. The next month, July, both of us caught horrible colds, although it did not stop us from taking a holiday at the Gold Coast and me attending Symphony at the Movies, as reported in August. My youngest brother also married in Sydney during August and I continued to work hard at programming tincaCMS for use on the work intranet. I wanted a more beautiful life in September, wanted Dreamweaver to die and ate Korean food, while celebrating the Boeing 767's 25th birthday, saying goodbye to Bangkok's Don Muang airport.

After years of looking, we finally found a dog in October, naming him Kita. I was jealous of my colleagues' overseas trips to Asia and we decided to follow them by going to China in March 2007.

November was the ICT Centre Conference, where I demonstrated tincaCMS and a Monty Python theme at work's Melbourne Cup lunch. We walked from Bondi to Tamarama one sunny weekend to view the Sculpture by the Sea. Kita graduated from Puppy Preschool, making friends with the other "student", a Jack Russell.

One of our first actions in December was to pay for our tickets to China and Japan and to spend a relaxing night at the Novotel Brighton Beach. The next week saw an end to a lot of panic at work with the demonstration of the world's fastest wireless link. We watched and enjoyed the new James Bond movie and I finally released my software downloads application at work. Work did not quieten down until Christmas, after which silence reigned supreme. After a busy year it was time to relax!

So there you go, my year in blog! May 2007 be even better!

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