A walk in the bush

Creek along the firetrail I took a walk yesterday for a few kilometres along the fire trails that follow Still Creek. Suddenly I was out of suburban Sydney and into the bush, the valley walls and tall gum trees obscuring all but the smallest glimpses of houses and streets. I had a walking companion with me. Kita trotted along to my left, the correct position though we did not train him to do so. He was obviously happy to be exploring, even more delighted when I let him off the leash near some pools of water, splashing and dancing around. It's good to know that he is not afraid of water!

Sulphur-crested cockatoos shrieked and played in the treetops and we saw a water dragon scuttling around on a boulder, others heard but hidden in the foliage to the side of the track.

I could have continued walking all day. Once I get into a rhythym, music on my mp3 player, the kilometres just fold away under my feet. The skies were clear blue and I heard aircraft flying above, the only human noise once the traffic sounds disappeared. I felt like walking to the airport and catching a plane all the way to Europe, insulated from the world by the air between the plane and the ground and by the thin metal shell around us. Disconnected from life and routine, yet connected to the entire world. That is walking and exploring.

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