Just married

You may have noticed a lack of updates on this site over the past couple of months. I think my excuse for this is a good one – I was busy preparing for a wedding. My wedding!

Yes folks, I am a married man now. It’s almost a week now since my darling wife Beatrice and I returned from our honeymoon in Paris. The wedding itself was held on November 3 near the Sydney Observatory at The Rocks in Sydney. Our reception was at the Imperial Peking Harbourside Restaurant also in The Rocks.

One of the reasons I had so little time to update this website is that I was busy creating a wedding section. It contains all sorts of information, including how Beatrice and I met on the Internet and our suppliers of wedding services.When I get the opportunity I’ll put up photographs and details of our wedding and of the honeymoon.

It was a wonderful day, a day I have been waiting for ever since I met Beatrice. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it all happen and to our friends who shared the joy with us.

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