Japanese hotels and internet access

It’s Friday night, only two more days before our Japan holiday begins. Work has been terribly hectic and I’m still not finished. I promised a big report on our intranet before Monday and the only place I’ve written it is in my head. Got to setup some wikis as well. I’m excited, but I’m also sick, which hasn’t helped progress.

All is not lost, as it looks like we should have internet access in both Osaka (Hotel Shin’Osaka) and Tokyo (Shinjuku Prince Hotel) through our hotels, though things would be better if I could get VPN on my Zaurus C3100 to work properly. I have a feeling that I need to configure the routing table properly.

This website purports to list free internet access in hotels across Japan. We still need to book rooms in at least two other locations. Takayama looks booked out due to the festival, so maybe we can find something in an adjoining town.

We haven’t packed yet, many things left to do. It’s always a rush near the end. The only time we didn’t have such a last minute scramble was on our honeymoon. Checked into our wedding night hotel, we had a lazy day before flying off on our afternoon flight. Our flight to Japan on Monday leaves at 8am, so rather than worry about trying to get to the airport via public transport or expensive taxi I have booked us into a nearby hotel on Sunday night. That way we will hopefully start our holiday off in a relaxed state.

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