Japan Journey Begins

I had hoped to have a quiet start to our holiday. Instead I found myself desperately attempting to setup the work wikis and to clean up the house. Somehow we did it all, but it was 6pm.

Dinner was a walk down to our local McDonalds. Then at 7pm B’s brother and wife drove u down to the hotel. So much for surprising my wife!

We have often driven past the Stamford Sydney Airport at night on the way from the city. It’s in the middle of a light and airport-related industry area, fairly self contained. Seemed like a good place to start the adventure without distraction.

I got a great deal off their website, much less than 4 star prices. Not the broadband however – 55c per minute up to $29 for 24 hours. That why I’m typing this on dialup (90c local call).It’s a comfortable room, big bed, soft armchair. Views towards the city rather than the airport, unfortunately. I watched a couple of planes on descent, trying to get into the mood.

Watched Bangladesh destroying Australia in the cricket on Foxtel. It’s a wierd world. The Aussie team really must learn not to be cocky.

Tomorrow we have to leave before 6am. That’s why I wanted to be close to the airport – otherwise an even earlier (and expensive) taxi ride.

Cairns, then Osaka tomorrow. I’m excited!

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