Indoors on a wet weekend

I can't complain about the rain. Those who are flooded and without power can, but so far so good here. Anyway, we need the water. This wet and windy start to the long weekend gave me an opportunity to make a start on painting some of the model railway buildings. I haven't the patience to paint and I'm not looking forward to constructing the layout itself. Yet I can't wait to have my miniature Japanese world up and running. It would be nice to actually finish a model railway layout for the first time in 25 years!

B helped paint the model buildings and Kita kept us company. He was grubby this morning, so it was straight into the bath for him. We only let him out again to do his business (which he did!) and the rest of the time he was stuck inside with us. I think he enjoyed it, though he vocalised noisily when his monkey toy was taken away, due to his destructive chewing on it. 

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