Frustrated and not free

Not only does B always discover my surprises, somehow my plans are usually frustrated as well. My surprise trip to Tasmania to propose to B – her mother stopped her. Now her boss has refused to let her travel during the time I booked our Jetstar flight to Osaka. I'm extremely peeved, because rebooking that flight means we pay the full fare difference plus $300 in change fees. Worse than that is that her company won't let us celebrate our wedding anniversary the way I want to – a holiday. It's six years since the days and dates coincided and it won't happen again for another five.

Almost every day of the year you mould your life and activities around your employer's routines, but you don't have equal power to make the reverse true.

I was also frustrated today about flights in another way. The Airbus 380 was going to do a low flight over the harbour today. I hoped to go down to the city to see it and maybe the airport as well, but the stormy and wet weather meant it wasn't worth it. Oh well for that one, as there should be a few A380's around next year. A few workers were zapped by lightning at Sydney Airport today, so perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to stand out on the observation deck.

More comfortable would have been the new Qantas First Class Lounge. So opulent and those garden walls look amazing! Sadly, I don't think I will ever experience such luxuries during my travels.

So, I was feeling really frustrated and more than a little sad today. When I came home I took Kita for a long walk. We took the path through the nature reserve behind the shopping centre. The concrete track shone white in the moonlight and despite the lack of artificial lighting it was easy to follow. I could have kept on walking for hours, following the paths wherever they took us. But B was waiting for us at home and I had dinner to cook.

I'm really tired of my daily routine. I'm tired of this city. I want to be spontaneous sometimes, to suddenly decide to get out of the house or work somewhere different for the day. I don't want to be responsible all the time, sometimes I just want to be a tourist in life, living life to enjoy it!

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