Gas clouds and telescopes

Another busy day started with a request to put a page of images up on our website in support of a press release. I managed to put something reasonable in about half an hour, not long after the news was released. The CSIRO are slow to update their website with the latest media releases and I thought Gas clouds make a bigger “telescope” was pretty hot, so I copied the text of the release on to a local web page. The CSIRO version didn’t make it online until late in the afternoon.

In the meantime I also submitted a link to our version to Slashdot. It was about time our web server got a work out. I watched as our logs registered more and more hits on the the media release. I hope CSIRO Online aren’t jealous. Woohoo!

The use of the interstellar dust clouds’ gravity to lense the radio signals of high energy jets is pretty interesting. Some excellent diagrams of the process were commissioned for the release, and I hope to use them on some educational pages in future.

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